- Floral Course & Academic Program -

Leisure Courses 閒情花藝課程

Lifestyle Floral Courses 生活花藝課程
Total Lessons: 4
Fee : HKD 1,680 / person

Festival Floral Workshop 節日花藝工作坊

Easter Fun Floral Workshop 繽紛復活節工作坊
Fee: HKD 480 up / person

Christmas Floral Workshop 聖誕節花藝工作坊
Fee: HKD 580 up / person

CNY Chinese New Year Workshop 新春花藝工作坊
Fee: HKD 580 up / person

Certificate Floral Programme 專業花藝課程

Professional Dutch Flower (DFA) Arrangement Certificated Course
荷蘭 DFA 専業花藝課程

As an alternative steppingstone to be an internationally recognized floral designer, Dutch Flower Arrangements provides practical training courses based on the curriculum of one of the popular European Vocational Education Systems highly regarded throughout the world.

Through the examination, you may get your name titled Dutch Flower Arranger, and starts to Develop your personal creativity and skills. In order to enrich students with knowledge in International design styles, the essence of Dutch flower design styles is covered in the course.

成為花卉專業設計師的第一歩,修讀來自享有聲譽的歐洲職業教育體系課程 (DFA).

DFA考試是由荷蘭應用科學及師範大學 AERES University of Applied Sciences Faculty Wageningen 與荷蘭專業實務花藝工業組織 (VBW) 合作舉辦,主要提高專業花藝水準,並由歐洲花藝設計學院 European Floral Design Academy (EFDA)負責監管該項考試。

符合歐洲花藝設計技能標準的標準,歐洲教學嚴緊, 提供了實用的培訓,通過考試,成為Dutch Flower Arranger,畢業後並開始發展個人的創造力和技能増值。

入學對象 : 進修花藝技能 , 從事花卉行業 , 轉職準備 , 設計 , 個人培養。


Progamme includes 9 subjects with more than 40 styles
9 個科目, 涵蓋超過 40 多個款式

  1. Hand-tied Bouquet 手綁花束
  2. Vase Arrangement 瓶花擺設
  3. Dish Arrangement 平碟擺設
  4. Corsage 襟花設計
  5. Bridal Bouquet 新娘捧花
  6. Funeral Arrangement 葬禮擺設
  7. Object Decoration 主體装飾設計
  8. Wall Decoration 壁飾設計
  9. Table Arrangement 餐桌擺設


The DFA curriculum is adopted as a small class, so that each trainee can get more attention and guidance from instructors and ensure the quality of teaching. After the student has completed the entire series of courses, they can directly participate in the DFA examination.

DFA課程採用小班授課, 每位學員可以得到講師的更多關注和指導,並確保教學質量。 學員修讀全期課程可申請報名年度考核.

About Our Tutor

Queenie Au has a keen interest and enthusiasm for floral design and arrangements, with knowledge and practical skills which she would like to continue sharing them by teaching different vocational, leisure floral classes for many years.


  • The Hong Kong Flower Club (HKFC) Committee Member
  • Hong Kong Association of Floral Artists (HKAFAS) Committee Member
  • Instructor of DFA Courses in SULISI Guangzhou Institute of International Floral School
  • Instructor of DFA Courses in Kunming and Shenzhen
  • Head of Floral Artist at H. Florist & Event Décor
  • Voluntary tutor in floral design course for Cancer Fund and other social welfare societies
  • Festive Floral Workshop in K11 – Guangzhou 2019
  • Festive Floral Workshop in LOGON – Hong Kong
  • 2019 Demonstration in Guangzhou International Flower Art Exhibition
  • 2018 Demonstration in World Chinese Flower Arrangement Association Inauguration Ceremony
  • 2017 Demonstration in HKAFAS in TSTKWA
  • 2017 Mother’s Day Workshop “ High Tea Party “ held by HKFC

Awards and Achievements

  • 2019 Guangzhou International Flower Art Exhibition
  • 2018 ERB Merit Award for Instructors
  • 2015 Hong Kong Flower Show Competition (Western Floral Art ) Best Design Award
  • 2013 Hong Kong Flower Show Competition (Western Floral Art) 1st Runner-up
  • 2012 Hong Kong Flower Show Competition (Western Floral Art) 2nd Runner-up